Additional ISO Certifications-ISO 9001 Denver CO-ISO PROS #31

Additional ISO Certifications We Offer in Denver, Colorado (CO)

Do you usually need to implement many standards at the same time? Yes and no. You will need to implement more than 2 or 3 ISOs in your company to ensure you are meeting formal regulations in your industry. However, you don’t have to implement all of them at once.

That being said, you need to determine what standards you need and how you are going to invest your resources and time in implementing them. At ISO Pros, we have a large variety of ISOs available that our experts can implement for you or lend you a hand by providing assistance, training, and consulting. We know how difficult it is to find reliable experts and implement more than one or two ISOs, this is why you will find all the help with us. You can get to know about them by just continue reading.

ISO standards for specific industries

  • Aerospace industry. 

– AS9100: provides the guidelines and parameters to establish, maintain, and improve the Quality Management System of an aerospace company.

– AS9101: sets out the protocol and requirements to conduct auditing processes in aerospace companies or the industry overall.

– AS9102: prepares the company for the First Article Inspection during the production of parts and components.

– AS6081: companies need to implement it to prevent fraudulent parts and components to enter the supply chain of the industry.

  • Automotive industry. 

– Automotive Core Tools: essential for controlling, managing, and improving different areas of the company.

– IATF 16949: quality standard that focuses on the needs and requirements to improve the quality of the parts and components in automotive companies.

  • Environment and ecosystem. 

– Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry): a program that encourages owners of public and private forest areas to protect them and implement measures to guarantee the regeneration of resources.

– ISO 14001: companies that implement it are compromised and responsible for protecting the environment and promote it.

– Energy ISO 50001 and SEP: helps to establish a more efficient and productive energy system in the company. SEP stands for Super Energy Performance.

  • Food industry. 

– GFC (Gluten-Free Certification): sets all the requirements and protocols to guarantee the food and products from the company are proper for celiac people or with similar conditions.

– ISO 22000: all guidelines, measures, and requirements to guarantee the high-quality of any type of food and their distribution are established here.

– Food Safety Modernization Act FDA FSMA: focuses on establishing measures to prevent foodborne illnesses and diseases instead of responding to them.

  • Military and law enforcement. 

– BA 9000: sets out the requirements to fabricate equipment for Federals or similar units to protect them and guarantee the quality.

– ITAR: a formal regulation to control the export of military-related technology and equipment to other countries that are usually banned.

  • Security. 

– ISO/IEC 27001: helps companies to establish the best security system for their information and data, and it isn’t only for IT.

– CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification): implemented for only defense contractors to work in the cybersecurity hygiene level of the company.

– ISO/IEC 20000-1: focuses on the service management system of the company and in information technology.

– ISO 37001: helps to establish, maintain, and improve the anti-bribery system of any company from any industry.

  • Audit system. 

All ISOs in this area have the same purpose: setting out the requirements and parameters to conduct them. However, they vary depending on the type of audit you ant to conduct in your company or for someone else. Therefore, you will find the same definition: requirements and parameters for the specific auditing process. All the standards in this area are:

– Outsources Internal Audits.

– Documentation Audits.

– Virtual Internal Audits.

– Supplier Audits.

– Supplier Evaluation.

– Compliance Audits.

– Second Party Audits.

– Pre-assessment Audits.

In the case of Audit Management Systems ISO 19011, it has all the requirements and guidelines to establish the management system in general. And this ISO is mandatory if you are aiming for conducting an audit program no matter what type of audit you end up carrying out.


ISO standards we integrated recently

CMMC is one of them since it was released this year (2020). However, we have been adding old and new ISOs to our list for companies to implement them:

– CMMI: is more like a system that consists of improving different areas of the company at the same time by addressing the main problems. It stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration.

– Ethical Sourcing SQFI: helps companies to provide all the documentation to prove it is responsible and aiming for the safety of its workers and employees.

– ISO 41001: aims only for the facility management system but it is only implemented in very specific situations and conditions.

– ISO 17025: consist of the laboratory accreditation for any lab that wants to be certified as competent.

– ISO 13485: quality standard for medical devices to guarantee their functionality and high-quality.

– ISO 15378: sets out the protocol to guarantee the proper delivery of medical products.

– ISO 28000: has the requirements for products and parts to enter the supply chain and also, provide safety to personnel involved in the process.

– TL 9000: provides guidelines and requirements for the quality in the telecom industry.

– RC14001: helps to improve the health, safety, and environmental performance in any company.

– ISO 45001: establishes and improves the Occupational Health and Safety Management System from all companies and industries.

– ISO 55001: allows companies to control the assets’ lifecycle that can bring several benefits for specific purposes and goals.

All these ISOs are available in our company in Denver, and the rest of them located in several cities around Colorado. Our experts and professionals are the best in what they do despite the company or facility where they are providing their services and knowledge. Therefore, don’t worry, you will get the best services regardless of the offices you visit.